Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.”
John F. Kennedy neatly lands his point.

Why? Well, because the success organisations and their ability to learn, adapt and grow is dependent on the leaders’ ongoing learning and development. Leaders can model an ‘always learning’ mindset and practise in their everyday interactions, through listening, asking questions, encouraging curiosity and making space for failures as a path to learning.

When I lead a coaching workshop, I start by asking participants:
‘If you were looking for a coach, what values, behaviours and beliefs would you want your coach to have?’ If you’re looking for a coach, I recommend thinking this through with care.

Coaching enables leaders to realise their potential enabling them to:

-Be at their most resourceful
-Make effective decisions
-Take focussed action
-Build high-performing teams

The most impactful coaches I’ve benefited from working with had the humility to learn with me, there was no sense of hierarchy, they were compassionate, curious, and posed questions I didn’t have quick answers to – I had to really think.

Effective coaching isn’t always comfortable; it can disturb beliefs, ideas, decisions and ways of life. It can precipitate change. It can even raise existential questions. I recently asked a client, ‘Are you living the life you want?’ They’re still thinking, which is fine, it’s good to take your time.

Who does coaching benefit most? Whether you’re aspiring to lead, new to leadership or an experienced leader, if you’re keen to learn, reflect, laugh, be challenged and risk change, the benefits can be long lasting and even life changing.

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