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Cultivate professional curiosity

Understanding Success

Develop a clear understanding of where they are successful

Leadership Value

Guidance based on evidence and research that you need on your journey

Vueve Cross
British School in Baku

If you're serious about improving your leadership skills, I highly recommend this course. Helen is a gifted facilitator, and she provides a wealth of practical advice that you can use immediately.

The Goals of Essential Skills for Leadership Impact

Essential Skills For Leadership Impact focuses on constantly and consistently enabling individuals to become the best versions of themselves while reducing barriers to optimal performance and potential. By emphasising team-centric decision-making and fostering effective leadership practices, you will build the necessary knowledge and skills to lead with confidence and competence.
Essential Skills seeks to enhance team relationships, promoting a collaborative and supportive work environment. It places importance on improving the overall well-being and productivity of teams, backed by research-proven practices that positively impact learning and growth. Ultimately, graduates of this course will be equipped to add significant leadership value to their everyday work, empowering themselves and their teams for greater success.

Structure of Essential Skills for Leadership Impact

The course has 9 modules with linked reading, reflection and workbooks. They're here for you to come back to and check in with so in time they become part of your everyday leadership life. The course is research-backed, there are thousands of books about leadership but I've distilled, based on evidence and research, the skills great leaders demonstrate every day and includes ideas you can put into practice immediately.

  • Listening

  • Asking

  • Reflecting

  • Building 

  • Belonging

  • Goals

  • Pausing

  • Learning

  • Self-Awareness

Actively Listening

Actively listening lies at the heart of connection. This session explores how we can develop active listening skills enhancing our leadership everyday. Good listening underpins team engagement and empathy, and is foundational for all successful leaders. Research underpinning this session includes work by Alan Sieler and Brené Brown.

Asher Silverman
Director of Education & Partnerships YourGamePlan

Helen's expertise and understanding of education is unparalleled. She stays updated with the latest research and trends, providing relevant guidance for informed decision-making. Working with her aligns start-up leaders with a vision of transforming education for future generations.

Essential Skills for Leadership Impact



Drawing from a range of approaches and resources to design team leadership development programmes.

  • Adapting
    Developing self-awareness
  • Skills
    Actively listening, building clarity, and learning to pause
  • Culture 
    Creating a sense of belonging
  • Approaches
    Explicitly connecting with goals and reflecting back
  • Content
    9 Modules including videos, downloadable slides, workbooks and linked reading/resources for you to use with your teams
  • Lifetime
    Get lifetime access to the online training course after signing up, available to view any place, any time, at your convenience