Creating Possibilities through Leadership

Coach - Consultant - Facilitator

Helen MG Consulting works collaboratively with leaders enabling them to be more resourceful and take effective action.

Leadership Courses

Unlock your leadership potential with Helen's online course. Develop and enhance the essential skills needed to boost your confidence, and drive positive change in your leadership. Join now and become a successful leader...

Leadership Coaching

Enhance your leadership skills with one-on-one coaching for senior leaders. Gain self-awareness, confidence, and the ability to take effective action. Invest in personal development and see the positive impact on yourself and your organisation.

Startup Advice & Support

Looking to grow your Startup business? I provide collaborative support services for business development, marketing, partnership management, leadership development, safeguarding, and more. With my guidance, you can confidently navigate the complexities of the education technology industry and reach new levels of success.

Professor Samantha Twiselton, OBE

Director of Sheffield Institute of Education

Helen was my first choice when I needed an expert facilitator to help us really deeply think through scenarios that would lead to a big management of change project that had major importance for our future direction of travel. I knew from previous experience of working with her that she had the perfect skill set. To do this well.

Ready to be the best Leader?

Leadership is about constantly and consistently enabling those around us to be the best version of themselves. It’s about reducing barriers to reaching optimal performance and potential.

Every decision is about what’s best for the team and the outcomes you’re responsible for. As leaders grow in confidence and competence we:

  • Build effective leadership knowledge, skills and practice
  • Develop team relationships
  • Improve Wellbeing

Helen Woodward

I work closely with leaders to help them become more resourceful and take effective action. Through our work together, leaders gain greater confidence and competence, allowing us to build effective leadership knowledge, skills, and practice, develop strong team relationships, and improve overall wellbeing. Collaborative learning is the key to successfully managing challenging issues and relationships, and creating the opportunities and futures that we desire.

Karen Ardley

Karen Ardley Associates

I know this programme will inspire and build confidence for anyone planning the chapter after headship.
This is an excellent programme for anyone thinking about their next chapter post- headship.

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